Getting Started

You can create beautiful apps from Google Slides in just a few minutes 🚀
All you need is:
  • Google ID - yes, your gmail.com works!
  • Web browser - Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or another browser!
  • Less than 5 minutes to set up your account
Ready? OK, let's get started!
You can use the instructions on this page or check out our video tutorial.

to My Poexis

Go to http://my.poexis.com in your web browser & log-in with your main Google ID.
to My Poexis using your Google ID
We are in private beta! Please make sure you have signed up for our private beta on http://poexis.com using your Google ID. If you have any problems, shoot us an email at [email protected] & we'll get you set up.

Pick an app template

Choose a template on my.poexis.com to choose your app layout.
When you find the one you like, click Create. It will ask you to copy a Google Slides presentation - click Copy to open it in your web browser.
Pick an app template you like
The Poexis template is a Google Slides presentation that will appear in your Google Drive. You'll use the template to build your app!

Install the add-on

It's time to upgrade your slides by installing the Poexis add-on!
We recommend using web browser on your desktop or laptop so that you can build awesome apps, fast!
If you're using Poexis on your phone, don't worry— we've got you covered! You can build your app without installing the add-on by importing the Google Slides URL on my.poexis.com.
In Google Slides, click on Add-ons in the toolbar. From there, click Poexis and then, Install. Once you get to the installation page, grant Poexis permission to download.
Congrats! You just installed the Poexis.
Installing the Google Slides add-on
To access the Poexis sidebar, click the add-ons menu again and choose Add-ons > Poexis > Creator.

Build your app

The sidebar gives you access to stickers and, eventually, lets you publish your app. Use stickers to add functionality to your apps and tell your slides how you want them to interact with each other in the app. Stickers also allow you to integrate content from sites like Twitter and Vimeo.
We have several templates available that give you an excellent starting point to go build your apps. For instance, check out these tutorials :
No matter what template you use, you can change the content on the slides just like you would do with any presentation.

Publish your app

When you are ready - or if you just want to preview your app - click the Publish icon in the sidebar.
After about thirty seconds, your app will be ready to go! 🏁 🙌 - use your url to share it with the world!
If you run into any issues, or have additional questions, you can reach out to us on our Slack channel or email us at [email protected]​
You can click publish your app as many times as you desire - so don't be afraid to keep adding & editing your app! If you want to go back to any older version, you can just restore an earlier version like any other Google Slides.
And last but not the least, it's always better to build something beautiful collaborating with others. Using Poexis, you can share the app with anyone and collaborate just like you would do on a simple Google Slides presentation!