Installing your App

Poexis apps are mobile-first PWAs. This means that when you install your apps on your mobile and/or desktop, they seamlessly reformat so that they function properly in a new medium. If you design a Poexis app on your desktop, you will be able to open and install the app on your phone and it function like it was designed for the phone!
You can also download your Poexis apps directly onto your phone and desktop. We've broken down the instructions by device!
The URL for your app can be located from https://my.poexis.com. Click the "My Apps" tab, locate your desired app and click the open button.

Apple iPhone & iPad

To install your app on your iPhone or iPad:
  • Navigate to your app in Safari
  • Click the "Share" button (located at the top of your screen when your iPhone/iPad is set to landscape orientation and at the bottom of your iPhone/iPad when it is set to portrait orientation)
"Share Button" on an iPhone
  • This will bring up a list of options. Select "Add to Home Screen"
Installing your app on an iPhone
Your app should then appear on your home screen!
Pictured: A Poexis e-business card app and a good boy.


  • Navigate to your app in Chrome or using the Search bar
  • Click the ellipsis ("3 dots") menu
  • Click "Install app"

macOS & Windows using Chrome

  • Navigate to your app in Chrome on macOS or Windows
  • Click the Install button on the right side of the address bar
  • Confirm the installation of your app
Installing your app on your Mac or Windows PC
After you've successfully installed your app, you can choose to keep the app in the macOS Dock (or windows taskbar) for easy access.