Publishing your app


Poexis apps start life as a Google Slides document, to make them available to world via an installable, mobile-first app you need to publish them. Publishing your app is pretty simple, in fact, you've got two different ways to publish your app, either from your computer or when you're on the go via your mobile!

Using my.poexis.com

Your Poexis App Hub is my.poexis.com, you can browse app templates, import exsisting docs from Google Slides, view, edit and publish your existing apps or edit your user profile.
  • To get started, simply head on over to https://my.poexis.com and signin with your Google Account.

Importing a new app

If you have not already published your app, you'll need to import your app from Google Slides into Poexis.
If you've published your app before, in otherwords, this is not a new app, but you want to publish changes, you can skip this step and move directtly to Publishing an existing app.
  • Open your Google Slides document
  • Share your document with [email protected]
  • Head back to My Poexis (https://my.poexis.com)
  • Navigate to the My Apps section
  • Click the large + button and paste your Google Slides Document URL
  • Click Import
Leo da Vinci ([email protected]) is your friendly digital assistant. If you forget to share your document with Leo, Poexis can't work it's magic and turn your slides into a beautiful app.

Publishing an existing app

If you've previously imported or published your app via the Sidebar add-on for Google Slides but need to publish changes, then you're in the right place!
  • Navigate to the My Apps section
  • Scroll down until you find the app you want to republish
  • Click the Publish button for the coresponding app

Using the Poexis Add-on for Google Slides

When you're ready to take full advantage of Poexis you'll need to use the Poexis Add-on for Google Slides. This gives you the ability to leverage Poexis Stickers and publish your app directly from Google Slides without navigating away from your work.
To publish your app from Google Slides, follow the steps below.
At this point, it is assumed that you've already installed the Poexis Add-on for Google Slides. If you haven't take a look at the Getting Started guide here.
  • Open your Google Slides document
  • Open the Poexis Creator sidebar from the Add-ons > Poexis > Creator menu option
  • Click the Publish button
👏 you've built your app! Take a look at it, share it with your friends and marvel over your creation!

Tip: Publish from Mobile

If you're on the go and need to make a few tweaks to your app you can easily publish your changes using My Poexis.
  • Using the Google Slides mobile app, make your changes to your document
  • Launch https://my.poexis.com from your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc)
  • Navigate to your app, click the publish button, just as you did from the desktop!
💥 done!