QR Code


The QR Code sticker will generate a unique QR Code unique to your app and render it inline as an image. You can print your QR Code and affix it to various physical locations or use it in app to provide a contactless share option.
The QR code is available as an image, if you want to save it on your computer, right click the image and select 'Save Image As'.
If you want to save it on your mobile, tap and hold the image and you will be presented with an option to save it to your device.

When you should use it

Whenever you want to embed a QR Code in your app. Feel free to use it as many times within a single app as you'd like. It will surface in your app as an image. Refer to the above screenshot.


There is no special configuration. Simply stick it on your slides and your custom QR code will be available within your app.