Common Issues

It's never fun to run into issues, but if you do there may be some easy fixes

I don't see Poexis under my Add-ons menu

Even if it's missing from the Add-ons menu in your Google Slides presentation, you can always install the Poexis Add-on for Google Slides from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Importing and Publishing from My Poexis fails

Your Google Slides presentation is turned into an app using Leo da Vinci, your digital assistant. If you're receiving an error when importing your Google Slides link into my.poexis.com it could be a few different things. Give the steps below a shot, if you're still having problems shoot us an email - [email protected].
  • When you initially copied the template from My Poexis it may have copied into a Google account that's different than the one you're using with with Poexis. Try sharing the document with the other Google account.
  • Don't forget to share your document with [email protected] If you don't share, Leo can't access your document to turn it into a beautiful app.

Why does my app not display any page or content?

You might be missing the Home sticker! Make sure at least one slide has the home sticker, this tells Poexis what page to use as the default landing page.

Why does my sidebar display an error message?

Check whether you are signed into your primary Google ID that you had signed up for Poexis with.