Building your Digital Business Card app

Build an awesome digital business card with Poexis

What is a Digital Business Card?

So what's a Digital Business Card app? Well, that's simple - it's a business card with super powers!
  • Share online with anyone as a link
  • Personalize it with cool images, videos & animations
  • Add content from your social media apps
  • Share in-person by scanning a QR Code
  • Schedule meetings without back & forth
  • Collect customer feedback using forms
  • Save the earth - recycle one paper card at a time!
Here are a few examples of awesome looking business cards:

Getting Started

We'll spend just a few minutes getting you all set up & ready?
Getting started is a snap - it starts with making a copy of the Poexis Business Card template
  • Click the link below to copy the Digital Business Card template to your Google Drive
  • Click "Make a copy" when prompted
  • Install the Poexis add-on for Google Slides from the Google Slides menu: Add-ons >> Poexis >> Install
Install the Poexis Add-on for Google Slides
Unable to find the Add-Ons > Poexis sub-menu? You can install the add-on directly from https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/poexis/69043171945
  • Rename your file to something appropriate - for instance, "card, "about me", etc. will make most sense depending on what you have set up.for your username in your profile
Your app name is the document name
The name of your Google Slides document is used for your Digital Business Card App url. The app url will be https://yourusername.poexiscloud.com/appname Name it something unique like "work", "card", etc. You can change your username here: http://my.poexis.com/user

Making your Digital Business Card Awesome

Now comes the fun part! Let's build out your app.
The template comes pre-populated with some place holder content. Feel free to edit and/or delete pages or content as you desire.
  • Set your logo on the Title slide. Click the image placeholder area and select your logo. You can upload the logo from your computer, browse Drive, Photos, or even search the web!
Feel free to change the background color on this slide. It is used to set the accent color for the rest of your app!
That was easy, let's move on to the Menu slide. Think of this slide as the roadmap for your app. What sections and links do you want in your menu? What story do you want to tell about yourself? For the case of this tutorial, we'll guide you through a few sections:
  • About
  • Schedule
  • Social Media
  • QR Code
You can add and remove menu items to suit your needs. The :<icon_name>: syntax is used to inject an icon. The supported icons can be found here: https://icomoon.io/#preview-free. Just search for what you're looking for.
We'll be using "section header" slides to organize these sections of our app. The app template already has the section header slides in place, so let's roll with it for now.
Feel free to change the content on the section header slide, as this text content is used in several places within your app (as you'll see soon).

Your Hero Image

Let's begin by setting our hero image on Slide 4. This image will appear as a cover photo on our app.
  • Click the image placeholder area and select your logo. You can upload the logo from your computer, browse Drive, Photos, or even search the web.
You can use animated gifs to make your app a bit more fun! If you have an iPhone you can convert your Live photos into animated gifs and use those! It's super easy to do, just take a live photo, upload it to your computer, and export it as a gif.
Did you notice the home sticker? It's used to tell Poexis that this slide will be the home or starting point for your app. Don't delete it otherwise you'll have no home and who doesn't want a home?!
Wait, but I don't want a hero image! No problem! A fancy hero image isn't everyones jam, no worries. Just move the Home sticker to slide 5 and delete slide 4!

Your Profile Card

You can copy slides over from any other business card you have created. For instance, if you have created a simple card app already - feel free to copy the slides over from that app
Now you're ready to enter all the information that you'd normally put on a business card! Slide 5 is a 'Profile Card' layout, which means it will automatically structure your content to look like a classic business card.
Don't forget to link your email address after you type it. Typically, if you add a space after you type your email, Google Slides will automatically insert the link for you.
Your profile slide will look something like this:
Remember: You can delete whatever elements you don't want. This is your app!

Your story isn't over yet

Sometimes you may have a bit more to say about yourself than can be expressed on the Profile Card. Maybe you have videos from YouTube or Vimeo that you'd like to share on your app's main page.
No problem:
  • Add a new slide after slide 5!
  • Change the layout of the slide to match your needs.
Notice how we changed the Layout of the slide? Layouts tell Poexis how content should be work on your app. The Layout that we selected above is "Content Area." You can add all sorts of different content to this slides, including videos, text, and images!
Next, we need to tell Poexis that this page should be rendered as part of the previous page (allowing for a single page that scrolls vertically). To do this:
  • Click add-ons in the toolbar
  • Select Poexis
  • Select "Creator" and your Poexis Sidebar will pop up.
  • Click the Scroll Sticker (aka Join) and paste it on the current slide.
Refer to the Stickers documentation for more details.
Now you can add your content to the new slide. Maybe add a title, some text, or an image or two!

Finishing your app

Feel free to add content to the rest of your app sections. Use stickers to add rich content like your Twitter Timeline or a Calendly Calendar so that your fans can schedule some 1:1 time with you!
Whatever you choose, have fun with it! It's your app!

Building your app

Now that you've built an awesome app it's time to publish your work and make it available to the world!
💥 Your app is now ready to be shared with the world. Don’t forget to install the app on your mobile device so that you can easily share your app with people you meet!


Change your App's Accent Color

You may have noticed that the buttons and other accent colors are light grey. If you want to change the accent color for your app change the background color of the "Title slide.
  • Navigate to slide 1
  • Right click the background and select "Change background"
  • Change the color as desired
The new color will be used as the default/accent color.

Airdrop or SMS away

Wanna share your app with others using Airdrop, text message, email, etc? You can do it from directly within your app! Just open your app on your phone and tap the share button below your profile card!

Scan my QR Code

If you're using the QR Code sticker (and why wouldn't you), simply navigate to that page in your app and let your friends, fans, business partners, etc scan your code. Your app will open up on their device!