Adding new sections

Add sections to your business card app to make it do even more!

Making your app pop:

Sometimes a regular business card just can't tell your full story. With a Poexis business card, you can add way more than just your contact info!
All you need for this mini-tutorial is:
  • Poexis Business Card - if you don't have one yet, check out this link!
  • Web browser - Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or another browser!
  • About 5 minutes
We recommend using a browser on your laptop or desktop to build your apps, but it'll also work just fine on a mobile or tablet! We recommend you install the Google Slides app from the app store.
In this lesson you'll learn how to:
  • Add sections to your app
  • Change slide layouts
  • Add a menu to your app
You can follow along on this page or using this video tutorial!

What are sections?

By adding sections to your business card, you can add more content without cluttering up what you already have! You can add sections that:
  • Let people schedule meetings with you through Calendly
  • Share your card in-person by scanning a QR Code
  • Add access to your social media feed
  • And much more!
Your final product will have different sections listed on a menu. It will look something like this:
You can see the sections on the bottom! (As seen on an iPhone)

Adding a section

We'll keep things simple by adding a QR code section to your app! By scanning your QR code with their phones, people will be able to get your business card on their phones.
The first thing we'll have to do is add two section slides, one for the contact info and one for the QR code. To do that:
  • Create a blank slide and move it above the slide with your content (in this case, move the slide above the contact info slide).
  • Change the blank slide's layout in the toolbar to "Section header"
  • Rename the section header
We renamed this section "About"!
  • Repeat this process for the QR Code section

Adding a menu

To organize these new sections, you'll have to add a menu!
  • Create a blank slide right below the first slide
  • Change the blank slide's layout to the "Menu"
  • In the big text box on your menu slide, type the names of your section headers (It can be something like "About me")
  • Link that text to the "About me" section slide.
  • Repeat this process for your "QR Code" section

Republishing your app

You're almost done! Now all you have to do is republish your app to see the changes!
  • Log in to my.poexis.com/
  • Go to the "My Apps" page
  • Go to the app you have been working on and click "Publish"
Congrats! You just leveled up your business card. By following these steps, you can add even more sections to your business card if you want to!