What are Poexis Stickers?

Much like the beautiful stickers you use to personalize your laptop or other surface, Poexis stickers are also used to personalize and augment surfaces, in this case, the surface of your app. Poexis Stickers are available via the Poexis Addon for Google Slides and you use them to augment your app by simply sticking them to your slides.

What exactly can you do with stickers? Good question, just a few examples include:

  • Share and embed your social feeds from Twitter

  • Delight your users with rich media content, such as videos from Vimeo and YouTube

  • Collect feedback from your users using interactive forms

  • Test your users' knowledge of a topic with quizzes

  • Let your users book some 1:1 time with you

  • Share your app with contactless tech (QR Codes)

In addition, you use stickers to change the look and feel of your app. For example, use the Home sticker to tell Poexis which slide should become your apps landing page or use the scroll/link sticker to stitch multiple slides together, hence yielding a single, scrollable page within your app.

Some stickers require configuration, but in general, using a sticker is as easy and clicking the desired sticker from your sticker collection and sticking it on your slide!


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