Building your first business card

How to build your first digital business card in 5 minutes by editing a single slide.

This tutorial will teach you how to build your first digital card using Poexis - it's fast, easy, and free!

All you need is:

We recommend using a browser on your laptop or desktop to build your apps, but it'll also work just fine on a mobile or tablet! We recommend you install the Google Slides app from the app store.

What's a digital business card?

It's a business card that you can share with anyone! Unlike an old paper business card you can:

This short 3-minute video explains how to build your first simple business card. Alternatively, if you prefer reading, you can continue to read this tutorial.

Getting started with your business card

Getting started is a snap!

All you need to do is edit this Google Slides presentation - and Poexis takes care of the rest.

Naming your business card

The name of your document will be the name of your app! You will be able to access your app at a link that looks something like this: http://[your user name][my-app-name]

Your document's new name will appear when someone opens your app's link

This next step is optional! If you want to, you can also update your username on Any apps you have will have to be republished for the change to take effect - it's just a click away!

Editing your first business card

Now it's time to make your business card your own!

Do you notice those 2 sticker-like images on the bottom? They are Poexis stickers! They won't appear on your final app, but they make the app work so don't remove them! Later we'll learn more about stickers and how to use them to add cool features to your card.

Don't forget to share your slide - otherwise Poexis can't work its magic!

Leo da Vinci ( - is your friendly digital assistant. Learn more how it works here (link - coming soon)

Publishing your digital business card

You're almost done!

You can share your card with anyone and install on any device as an app!

If you run into issues while importing, please check whether you have shared the Google Slides presentation of the app with

It may also be that you are signed into another Google Account when you copied the document over to your Drive.

You can edit the Google Slide deck and publish it any time you want from under "My Apps".

Making your card awesome!

  • Add a cool header image

  • Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo

  • Add social media content from Twitter

  • Adding accent colors

  • Add Calendar scheduling using Calendly

You can do all this - and a lot more - by installing Poexis Add-on for Google Slides and adding stickers to your slide deck. To learn more about that, check out this tutorial.

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