Building a Lesson Companion App

Step by step instructions on how to build a Lesson Companion app in under 5 minutes

Using a Lesson Companion app, you can give your students additional support outside the classroom. A Lesson Companion app can be treated as a way to augment your syllabus or provide easily accessible additional materials for students.

Eventually, your app will look something like this:

Before you continue, make sure you downloaded the Poexis add-on! Go to "Getting Started" first, then return to this tutorial when you are ready!


When users open your app, the first thing they will see is something like this:

Your home tab will be the first thing that users see. Like with other app templates, the home sticker tells Poexis that this is your homepage.

On the slide deck above, slides 2 through 6 will all appear on the home tab.

A "Section Header" slide will appear as a banner at the top of a page on your final app (slide 2 above). You do NOT need to use a join sticker on these pages! They will automatically be at the top of any following slides that are connected by join stickers. For more, visit "Types of Slides."

On the slide deck above, slides 2 through 6 all appear on the home tab. Just change the content on the slides to fit your needs!

If you want help using a Form sticker, check out the instructions for how to use them on the "Types of Stickers" reference page!

Quiz Tab (Pending)

Will be updated.

Using the List Sticker

An important part of the Lesson Companion app is the list sticker. Adding a list sticker might seem a little intimidating at first, but it's easy if you follow these steps!

If you don't share your Google sheet with da Vinci (, then your List sticker will not work!

Modifying and Adding Tabs

Change the bottom tab icons and names.

Add new bottom tab categories.

Don't feel limited by the app as it is. Build what you want.

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